The Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary

Develop, write and edit articles, op-eds, presentations, reports, and speeches for senior-level executives—including the introduction to the commemorative, 2011 coffee-table book Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary.


Marek Family of Companies

A Legacy of Values

As Marek prepares to hand over leadership to the third generation, 30 Point Press looks back at its rich heritage with A Legacy of Values: The 80-Year History of the Marek Family of Companies.


Deloitte Private

Global Perspectives for Private Companies

Interviewed subject matter experts and corporate leaders on four continents for 58-page report on the plans, priorities, and expectations of 1,900 private company leaders in 30 countries.


Foreign Affairs

The End of the Military-Industrial Complex

Researched and ghostwrote cover story on how the Pentagon must adapt to an increasingly global defense industry by courting commercial companies that can provide the kind of cutting-edge technologies that have given U.S. troops a comparative advantage for more than seven decades.


The Boston Consulting Group

Rewiring Utilities for the Power Market of the Future

Interviewed industry experts and wrote in-depth analysis of how electric utilities can embrace clean, renewable energy by changing how they’re structured, how they operate, and how they interact with the public.


Hatteras Funds

Defining Liquid Alternative Investments

Collaborated with portfolio management team to develop, write, and edit 30-page blueprint for financial advisors and their clients seeking to diversify their portfolios with liquid alternative investments.


Macquarie Group

Facing Down the Debt Supercycle

Held roundtables and subsequently authored a four-part series on the investment implications of the so-called debt supercycle, during which global borrowing reached unprecedented levels in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

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